I took a break from working full time and am in the process of trying to make it on my own as an independent architect / designer. Wanna renovate the kitchen and bathroom of your new condo? Looking into finally opening your own restaurant? Figuring out that one last graphic that would make your website complete? Let’s start a conversation and maybe I can help!


I am a licensed architect in the state of New York and I have more than 8 years’ experience in the industry. The projects I have worked on ranged from a 1000-square-foot retail store to a 25-story residential building, but right now I am mostly focused on interior/small-scale architecture and renovation projects. Check out my LinkedIn profile and online portfolio for details.


I have always loved drawing - from little pencil doodles to the complex 3D illustrations you see here on Project Subway NYC, I just love the process of translating concepts and ideas into lines and images. I am specialized in architectural drawings, interior renderings, 2D and 3D diagrams, maps, and branding packages.